About Us

Lotus Lab Yoga is a 501 (3)(c) non-profit that combines the science and art of yoga, empowering
individuals mentally, physically and spirit. Lotus Lab Yoga offers individual, group classes
workshops andertures services children adults seniors veterans civil servants and those with
specialty needs.
Lotus Lab Yoga empowers all students, teachers, and community to lead the way or encompassing yoga
as a lifestyle and a state or being, transmit this radiant energy, raise the vibration of consciousness, and
transcend our world into a state or peace
Lotus Lab Yoga makes it a priority to give back to the community by making our services affordable for
all. We offer services to retired and active duty military members, police officers and firefighters at
additional reduced cost. Thank you for keeping us safe!
For those seeking stress and pain management, as well as preventative care, we have specialty classes
available. If you have a need that we have not addressed. please call us for more personal connection




Jena  Hoffman Gomez

Jena has been active in the health, fitness and wellness industry for 30+ years.

From an early age, Jena worked for her family’s fruit
and produce business. She worked all aspects of the business,
wholesale, delivery, retall, gift baskets, with cooking and catering
being her favorite. This wide experience inevitable started her
journey into adaptive health.
She studied biological and movement sciences at Nova
Southeastern University and completed her Master’s in Education
from Sacred Heart University. After many years teaching biological
sciences, including anatomy/ physiology, and math in several urban
school districts throughout Connecticut and Boston, MA., she
combined her love for education and yoga, and studied under some of the
great modern masters with various philosophical and teaching styles
She holds certifications as a Yoga Therapist through IYAl, 40k+ hours
ERYI with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Sport Certification, MAT spine trunk
specialist, Watsu, Barre, Pilates and other exercise certifications.
From group fitness to private clients, Jena has worked with a variety
of populations from professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB,
International Basketball League, USTA, Miami Grand Ballet, national
fencing team, geriatric to pediatrics and specialty
populations(Parkinson’s, MS, MD, cancer, joint replacements and others).
Jena works with elite clients from around the world in mind/bod
integrated health wellness. Whether in person or remotely, she
prides herself on individual client care and creating a sell
empowering capacity In mina, Body and spirit